Tommy Baril

For Allen City Council, Place 2

A Community Servant Who Listens, Collaborates and Delivers

“As a long time resident and dedicated community servant to our great city, I believe that we must ensure every voice in Allen is heard, Allen’s economy is moving forward, and taxpayers can trust how their dollars are invested.”


Moving Allen Forward. Together.

Every voice in Allen deserves to be heard as we plan for the future.

Our planning efforts should always ensure that there are numerous opportunities for every member of our community to have their voice heard. As chair of the Downtown Steering Committee and president and member of the Allen Community Development Corporation, Tommy worked hard to bring together people from across our community to develop plans that reflect the community’s input.

We must build a safe and vibrant community.

We need to ensure that all of Allen can enjoy the benefits of a strong community – safety for families, opportunities for work and entrepreneurship, and an affordable quality of life. Building on Tommy’s experience with Allen’s emergency responders, as a member of the Allen CERT response team, he will ensure our first responders have the funding, training, tools and staffing needed to keep Allen as one of the safest communities in the state. He will bring his experience with the Allen Community Development Corporation to ensure that we build new facilities and amenities, and address ageing infrastructure, in a fiscally prudent manner.

 We must make tax dollars work better for our city.

Leveraging his professional experience at the premier government accountability organization, Tommy will advocate for increased transparency in city finances by adopting the state’s transparency awards program. Under Tommy’s leadership, the Allen CDC board developed a strategic planning document with goals and metrics, developed one-page documents to improve transparency of individual investments, and improved the type of data that is collected by the city to improve long-term analyses. Who better than Tommy to serve on the Council and bring this type of fiscally responsible thinking to the council?


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